Lipotrim Maintenance Caramel Bar – NEW RECIPE



The Lipotrim caramel bars allow you to take control over your hunger levels and therefore food portions, calorie intake and food cravings.

Sold individually so you can have the exact quantity of each of our diet foods you wish.

The Lipotrim caramel bar was developed in Britain by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management, Howard Foundation Research Ltd, the company behind the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme. This Lipotrim programme is used as the basis of our Waistaway Sure plan.

The Lipotrim caramel bar has a unique, optimised nutrition formulation and high soluble fibre content help you feel satisfied faster and for longer than with conventional foods.

By using with or before your meals they lower the glycaemic index of the overall food intake. This in turn helps the body respond to the slower release of sugars from food, by lowering the insulin response.

By having a better control over insulin levels the caramel bar helps prevent hunger and cravings, meaning you can gain control over food, eat lighter meals and are far less likely to 'snack' between meal times.

The caramel bar is just one of the partial food replacements available as part of the Waistaway Flex plan. Please take a look at the other satisfying and delicious foods available, all of which are designed to help you lose weight or maintain weight.

Remember that our diet plans all revolve around giving you the best chance of losing weight and/or keeping your weight controlled. To gain maximum benefit, whether you are purchasing direct to your home or being used as part of our face-to-face clinics, it is essential to use our team to support your efforts.

We are here to help you. We understand you are an individual, with your own weight loss and weight management requirements.

When you receive your order please contact us so that we can advise on how YOU can use the caramel bars, and any of the other foods available on the Flex plan, to get the best weight loss or weight management results.


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