Fibreclear soluble fibre supplement


FibreCLEAR helps you increase your daily fibre intake without the extra calories of high-fibre foods.

FibreCLEAR helps you increase your daily fibre intake without the extra calories of high-fibre foods.
A glass of water containing a single teaspoonful of the Fibreclear powder contains just 12 calories and looks and tastes exactly like a glass of water. It also contains nearly 6g of fibre. You can add it to any beverage or diet shake without knowing it’s there. It is versatile, pleasant and very easy to use.

As an example a small apple, approx 49g, contains 3.6g fibre and 78 Calories. It is not easy to maintain the recommended intake of 30g fibre per day for the average healthy adult without consuming many more calories than is desired.

Anyone can add FibreCLEAR to boost their daily fibre intake as it dissolves without taste into water and other drinks without the extra calories of high fibre foods. Fibreclear can be even be used by diabetics since fibre has been shown to regulate the release of glucose into the blood after eating.

Consumed with plenty of water Fibreclear may be particularly beneficial to people prone to constipation, those recommended a high fibre diet and dieters on the Lipotrim Weight Management programme.

Please note that Fibreclear is not a laxative.
FibreCLEAR can further benefit dieters by helping to stabilise the blood sugar levels, thereby fighting the snack cravings that are the downfall of so many weight loss diets. With it being low calorie, at just 12 Calories per teaspoon dose, this supplement will not hamper the Lipotrim pharmacy programme or any calorie counting you may be attempting. If you are wanting to lose weight then please take a look at the Waistaway Sure plan which uses the Lipotrim pharmacy programme or contact us today to discuss how Waistaway can help you.

A 126g tub of FibreCLEAR powder contains approximately 21 servings. Each serving is measured as a heaped teaspoon of powder and is taken by mouth, mixed in your choice of beverage or diet shake, including Lipotrim formula foods.


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