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Weight Loss - New Injectable Drug the Answer?

An Injectable drug called Liraglutide used to treat Diabetes has been found to help obese people with their weight loss. Is this answer we've been looking for? The injectable drug from Novo Nordisk better known as Victoza has helped obese people lose almost 8kg of weight according to a year long study. The weight loss is significant as even a 5 to 10% loss can make medical issues manageable, say experts. Fantastic right? An solution to our battle against the obesity crisis. There is a couple of things though. We need to ask ourselves, is this really the solution we want? The obesity problem and the task of weight ...

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Overwhelmed obese woman looking at list of fad diets and surgical weight loss methods  written on wall.

How an Effective Diet Works

With so many different plans and ideas available to choose from, it may seem like successfully losing and managing weight is a complicated issue. But is it really? Atkins Diet, Four Day Diet, Fruit Only Diet, The Hormone Diet, Living Low Carb, Mediterranean Diet, Omni Diet, Protein Power, The Slim-Fast Plan, Weight Watchers. Some you may have heard of some you may not have. That's just 10 of a growing list of diet plans and theories on how to get slim ad stay slim. Every single one of these plans will have somebody that it has worked for and somebody it hasn't. It's ...

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Video - Morbidly Obese man before his death; Don't Be Like Me

Carl Thompson, the UK's heaviest man  who warned against overeating in an interview, dies aged 33 Here is a man who struggled with bad eating habits and obesity for years. Although he is an extreme case. This is something that so many of us are dealing with and struggling to do so on a daily basis. Whether we are morbidly obese or just a bit overweight. The risks of inaction are real. If you're reading this and you think you need help. Get help! Your life literally depends on it! Contact us to see how we can help. In an interview shortly before his death ...

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How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

A Newcastle University study, funded by Diabetes UK, showed it was possible to reverse Type 2 Diabetes using a Very Low Calorie Diet. Lead researcher Roy Taylor commented "To have people free of diabetes after years with the condition is remarkable - and all because of an eight-week diet ." How does it work? The study done by Newcastle University involved what is called a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). The participants were given only 600 Kcal a day. The average person needs between 2000 - 2500 Kcal daily. It is this massive calorie deficit which would have accelerated their weight-loss to about 1 stone per month. The Results The ...

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Obesity strategy is failing?

The "Obesity strategy is failing" as reported in the Times newspaper May 2015, and does not look like improving quickly. To sum up the article on why the obesity strategy is failing; We are wasting our time and money trying to sort out the obesity epidemic because we have failed to notice that babies are fat even before birth. Really? Professor Neena Modi pointed out; "Government anti-obesity campaigns directed at adults and young people "have all been failures". Efforts should be devoted to pregnant women and babies instead" Now this is a bold statement and quite flawed seeing as she went on to say; "An obese ...

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