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Obesity levels are rising!

Obesity levels are rising and must to be tackled fast. Obesity levels are rising rapidly according to the report "Tipping the Scales: Why preventing Obesity Makes Economic Sense". The picture is bleak; a quarter of the adult population in the UK will be overweight or obese by 2035. The cost could be as high as 670,000 extra cases of obesity related cancer and an extra £2.5 billion cost to the NHS and social services. If we seriously care about our health, the health of our families and the wider community, tackling obesity levels is a must! Now more than ever before. What does this report offer ...

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5 ways to make your new years resolution stick

It has been said that around half of us make a new years resolution. And that between about 80 - 90% of them fail. In other words out a group of you and 9 other friends, only 2 of you will actually succeed. What can you do to get into that elite group of new years success stories? 1. Define your Goals Is your new years resolution to get healthy? What does that even mean? Healthy could be more exercise, losing weight, getting your cholesterol under control. If you don't know where you're going, how can you really hope to get there. Remember, it's important to ...

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are you a food addict - Waistaway

Food addiction - Are you a food addict?

Food addiction and fighting obesity Many would hesitate to label themselves as a food addict; but for many food addiction is a reality that has to be taken seriously. Why? Because being stuck in a habitually poor diet is undoubtedly one of the biggest preventable killers in society today. Did you know 40% of NHS resources are spent dealing with preventable risk factors? With unhealthy eating topping the preventable factors list. That's how big the issue is. An inability to control our food is a bigger issue than alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse. The article in The Week magazine 26/09/15 pointed out the view ...

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Weight loss can save NHS millions

Weight loss - How do we save NHS millions? Weight loss can definitely save the NHS millions and now is the time to start truly tackling the obesity epidemic we are facing. The NHS helps millions of people with all manner of medical conditions. The cost of gold standard healthcare, like that delivered by the NHS, is therefore more than millions. It's in the billions of pounds. Check out this blog by John Appleby who explains the dire situation the NHS finds itself in and there's plenty of graphs etc to help demonstrate the issue of funding gaps in the NHS. John Appleby blog ...

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Sugary drinks tax - do you agree?

Tax sugary drinks - obesity cure?

Tax sugary drinks - that'll make a huge difference to the increasing UK obesity levels, right? How many of you regularly drink  sugary drinks anyway? How many of those that do, consume sugary drinks in such a volume that'll make a huge difference to your calorie intake every day of the week? The answer is no but we've got to tackle the obesity crisis on many fronts if we are to reverse the population's increasing waistline. Sugary drinks: Do you know how many Calories are in typical drinks? This is something you may well not know, we are not all dietitians or nutritionists, but ...

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