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Local MP supports pharmacy and weight management team

Local MP supports Pharmacy and the role Pharmacy can play in the NHS and extra services such as weight management. Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart visited P&I Smith Chemist in Bletchley, Milton Keynes on Friday 18th September to find out how Pharmacies can help the NHS save money and deliver much needed services to the local community. The visit, organised by Pharmacist Gareth Evan showcased the dispensing process, the treatment of minor ailments and the range of extra health services available within P&I Smiths Chemist, Bletchley. Mr Stewart said he was keen to highlight the important work the pharmacy does and to help manage the ...

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Explained - Why does obesity cause diabetes?

A really simple explanation about how obesity often leads to type 2 diabetes This question gets asked a little bit and its quite difficult to find a simple explanation online that cuts straight to the point. So here's a little bit of Monday afternoon science kept as simple as possible. To lay the ground work, every cell in our body uses glucose from the food we eat as an energy source. This glucose is present in our blood and is absorbed into our cells using a hormone called Insulin which is produced by an organ called the Pancreas. Why does obesity make it go wrong? Simply put, ...

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Lipotrim Discount - 40% off - End of summer offer

    For a Limited time only! Waistaway are offering on a first come, first served basis the next 10 signups an incredible 40% Lipotrim discount on our Premium Lipotrim weight loss service! Our bodies are the only places we have to live. Everyone of us is in constant battle to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Find out how with expert help and care from Waistaway, you can shed unnecessary weight and keep it off! Visit us at Hampton Pharmacy  or contact us for a friendly no-obligation consultation to learn how we can help you Terms and Conditions; Offer is limited to the first 10 signups on a first come first served basis. Offer ...

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FInd out how Waistaway can help you lose weight without obsessive calorie counting

Does calorie counting help you lose weight?

Fact - You do need to eat less calories each day than your using to lose weight. Fact - You don't need to count every single one. An article in the Daily Mail written earlier today leads with following headline; Obsession with calorie counting is FUELLING the obesity crisis: Key to staying healthy is adopting a high-fat Mediterranean diet. It also goes on to say; They write: ‘It is time to stop counting calories, and time to instead promote good nutrition and dietary changes that can rapidly and substantially reduce cardiovascular mortality.’ The authors, led by cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, of Frimley Park Hospital in ...

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Why you need less discipline than you realize to lose weight

Ever hear yourself or someone you know say that they wish they could eat healthy, but lack the discipline? A lot of us have a mental concept that to lose weight and keep it off will require immense discipline for the rest of our lives. The truth is, to get healthy and stay there is easier than we realize. Habits Got a bad habit you cant seem to shake? You do it without even thinking about it or realizing you do it sometimes- biting finger nails anyone? They stick with you and are notoriously hard to break. Some habits are so ingrained in our ...

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